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04-05 Legacy Outback P/S A/T Pipe & Catalytic Converter ULTRA LOAD 48177

04-05 Legacy Outback P/S A/T Pipe & Catalytic Converter ULTRA LOAD 48177 mouse over to enlarge

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This item is a new DAVICO BRAND OEM Style replacment direct fit bolt-on Catalytic Converter

Made in USA By Davico


Make Model Type Model Name Engine oal Cylinder Model Year
SUBARU Legacy includes Outback With Automatic Transmission Passenger side (With California emissions ) Yhis converter can not be sold or shipped to California 2.5L 4 2004 2005

 Catalytic Converter

  •  Part # 48177 Converter , with gaskets , NOTE: This is an ULTRA LOAD high Efficiency converter, the is a high load converter that is recomended for car with california emission, not used in the state of California or any problem car with emissions lights on.



  • These converters are equipped with more surface area which means better performance and quality

  • They have more Platinum and Cerium

  • Cerium absorbs oxygen, which promotes cleaner burning that is also important in triggering the engine light on more senseitive obd II systems. 

  • Commitment to Quality

  • Has the widest catalytic converter coverage in the industry- including new widely expanded domestic coverage.

  • Our converters are EXACT™ fit. No kits and no so-called direct fit that require cutting, sliding, clamping, or welding for installation.

  • Attention to detail. Direct fitting flanges and air tube connections make our product fit more like OEM than any other which results in less returns and a more satisfied installer. 



This warrants that this Catalytic Converter was designed and manufactured to meet the new EPA requirements for new aftermarket converters and will meet these requirements for 5 Years

External shell, pipes, flanges, flex couplings, welds and brackets warranted for 5 years

Warranty is conditional upon converter being correctly installed on the vehicle specified in this catalog.

Vehicle must be kept properly maintained and tuned.
Warranty does not cover damage from accidents or use of leaded fuel.
Warranty card attached to be completed and returned.

Catalytic Convertor NOTE


** Check local laws regarding after
market replacement catalytic conv-
erters. C.A.R.B. has not made it
legal for catalytic conv. to be re-
placed on '96 and later cars with


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