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04-05 BMW 525i 530i Front & Rear CYL 1 2 3 4 5 6 Catalytic Converter 17112 17113

Quick Overview



  • These converters are equipped with more surface area which means better performance and quality

  • They have more Platinum and Cerium

  • Cerium absorbs oxygen, which promotes cleaner burning that is also important in triggering the engine light on more senseitive obd II systems. 

  • Commitment to Quality

  • Has the widest catalytic converter coverage in the industry- including new widely expanded domestic coverage.

  • Our converters are EXACT™ fit. No kits and no so-called direct fit that require cutting, sliding, clamping, or welding for installation.

  • Attention to detail. Direct fitting flanges and air tube connections make our product fit more like OEM than any other which results in less returns and a more satisfied installer. 

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This item is a brand new direct fit DAVICO BRAND , Made in USA , New Catalytic Converter



  • 2004-2005 BMW 525i
  • 2004-2005 BMW 530i

    NOTE: Before buying any Converter you must be aware that Converters are designed to last the life of a car or suv / truck. If your converter needs to be replaced it is due to an emissions error/problem in your engine tuning. This must be corrected before you or your installer, install this converter. STOP LOOK CHECK, have this conversation with a qualified installer. Blue overheated converters and shipping are not covered under warranty. STOP LOOK CHECK, Look at your old converter is it BLUE !!!!!

    We Suggest that you look at Item # 221804448055 this product may turn of you PO420 Code if your converter can be saved, we also recommend buying this kit before changing your converter. These items are specially designed solutions to remove excess carbon & soot.  For Catalytic Converter Efficiency and long life we recommend the use of Top Tier Fuels and regular fuel system treatment every 5,000 miles.  We also recommend a professional De carbonizing when replacing a Catalytic Converter or every 80,000 miles.



Direct Fit Converter; Federal & California Emission Vehicles. Not legal for sale for vehicles licensed in California.Converters that a blue from overheating are not covered under warranty. This converter can not be sold or shipped to the state of California




  • 1x Part# 17112 Front Converter with gasket CLY 1 2 3 , Stainless Converter Body, Steel Pipes without gasket  , 32 Inch OAL (2) O2 Port, 6 Bolt Fixed flange inlet, 2 Bolt Fixed Flange outlet
  • 1x Part# 17113 Rear Converter with gaskets CLY 4 5 6 , Stainless Converter Body, Steel Pipes without gasket  , 21 Inch OAL (2) O2 Port, 6 Bolt Fixed flange inlet, 2 Bolt Fixed Flange outlet



Fitment Details

Year Make Model Trim Engine Notes
2004 BMW 525i
2005 BMW 525i
2004 BMW 530i
2005 BMW 530i