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05-10 Tc Rear Muffler Muffler Assembly Walker fits 05-10 Scion tC Gaskets Bolts

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  • These converters are equipped with more surface area which means better performance and quality

  • They have more Platinum and Cerium

  • Cerium absorbs oxygen, which promotes cleaner burning that is also important in triggering the engine light on more senseitive obd II systems. 

  • Commitment to Quality

  • Has the widest catalytic converter coverage in the industry- including new widely expanded domestic coverage.

  • Our converters are EXACT™ fit. No kits and no so-called direct fit that require cutting, sliding, clamping, or welding for installation.

  • Attention to detail. Direct fitting flanges and air tube connections make our product fit more like OEM than any other which results in less returns and a more satisfied installer. 

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Stock photo
Stock Photo
Name Exhaust Muffler Assembly-Quiet-Flow Muffler Assembly Walker fits 05-10 Scion tC
Type Exhaust Muffler
Brand Walker
Manufacturer Part Number 50061
Compatibility This part is compatible with 8 vehicles.
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Additional Information about Exhaust Muffler Assembly-Quiet-Flow Muffler Assembly Walker fits 05-10 Scion tC
1x Part# 50061 Rear Muffler
1x Part# 31533 Gasket
1x Part# 36454 (2) Bolt Kit
3x Part# 35460 Rubber Muffler Supports

Product Details
Sub Type: Exhaust Muffler, Exhaust Muffler Assembly
Notes: Description--Muffler Assembly - Quiet-Flow
Feature Point--Spun-locked heads to help prevent rupture

Fitment Details

Year Make Model Trim Engine Notes
2010 Scion tC Base Coupe 2-Door 2.4L 2362CC l4 GAS DOHC Naturally Aspirated