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1985-1986 Porsche 944 951 Timing Belt Kit with updated Water Pump

Quick Overview

Timing Belt Kit Benefits

Why Replace the Tensioner and Idler When You Replace the Belt?

  • A common cause of belt failure is a faulty or worn-out tensioner or idler.
  • Replacing a timing belt typically requires 2-4 hours of labor. Changing the tensioner and idler at the same time does not add significant time to the job.
  • The cost of the labor is approximately 2/3 the cost of the entire job. Hence, the added cost to change the additional components is not significant.
  • As most newer applications are interference engines, if the belt fails, the valves will be damaged, requiring an expensive repair.
  • Most technicians already understand the points just made. Research shows that among import specialists, technicians change the tensioner and idler roughly 80% of the time.
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This item is a brand new High Quality ContiTech Timing Belt Kit.  It will fit: 

  • 1985-1986  Porsche 944 4 cly 2.5
  • 1986-1986  Porsche 944 Turbo (951) 4cly 2.5
  • This kit applies to engines with the updated water pump assembly (944 105 241 03)


  • 1x Part# TB107-293K3
  • 2x Timing Belt
  • 4x Tensioner Pulley