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Sledgehammer Catalytic Converter Fuel System Rapid Induction Deposit Cleaner

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This item is an amazing Heavy Duty Fuel System Cleaner.  Normally only available for professional use but now we are selling it to the public. 

It is a Two Step Cleaner.

  • Step 1:  Sledgehammer Fuel System Ultra Treatment - Pour Into Gas Tank
  • Step 2:  Rapid Induction Deposit Cleaner (R.I.D.) - Hooked Up to Vacuum Line and Slowly Released into intake

These items are specially designed solutions to remove excess carbon & soot.  For Catalytic Converter Efficiency and long life we recommend the use of Top Tier Fuels and regular fuel system treatment every 5,000 miles.  We also recommend a professional De carbonizing when replacing a Catalytic Converter or every 80,000 miles.